Classroom Activities

Color days

Colors, being a very integral part of a child’s all round development, we at CCIS, give special emphasis to use color as a learning tool for Kindergarten section. Colors help the students get in tune with their emotions, feelings and surroundings. The more they recognize and understand the colors around them, the more they get in touch with their own self. Color psychology and color therapy is in itself a vast field of study which gives us an insight on the importance of color to make sense of the real world and the self. Color days were celebrated at CCIS to help students understand the importance of colors in their life and to recognize the feeling associated with each color. On Blue day the students were dressed up in blue. Blue color enhances the creativity and stimulates a cool and relaxing environment. The classroom interior walls showcase the color blue. Red is the color of passion and strong feelings of threat, love, or excess stimulus. We have used the color with other combinations to help in completing tasks with energy and enthusiasm. Green is the color of prosperity and abundance. It can relax and contribute to better health in kids. Our students adorn the color of earthy delight and display the love of mother earth and environment. Black and White Day was also celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Show n tell

Show and tell- About my family was an event for Kindergarten students to speak about their family. This activity encourages the students to express themselves verbally and articulate their thoughts in the right direction. The students who don’t speak much are given personal attention and given a space to open up. The teachers build a comfortable and friendly environment for the students to voice what they think. This year we received exceptional response from our students. They spoke about their family members. Their speech gave the teachers a unique insight into the Child’s world, their observation skills and emotions. The teachers encouraged them to observe, form an opinion and voice them in front of the class. Every speech was then put up in a class journal by the teachers with video recordings. The records helped us in knowing the potential of each student.

Fruit Collage Activity

Fruits, one of the main source of nutrition and good health for children, it is essential to give them an understanding about their daily intake of fruits and their benefits. Group activities and class discussions were held to enhance the students’ team spirit and communication abilities. Fruit collage activity saw children bring their own fruits from home. The classroom was filled with variety of fruits and their aroma. The teachers discussed healthy food eating habits with the children. Flow charts were prepared by teachers to help students understand the color shape and nutritional benefit of the fruit. At the end our students made a collage out of the collection of fruit pictures and showcased on the class boards.

Activity-Fun with origami

Educator demonstrated how to make paper cap step by step and children made caps and wore it and said Jay Hind.

Greet in Style - SR KG

The Senior Kg children learnt to say 'Hello' in different languages. The similarities and differences in family customs were discussed. The students enjoyed learning to say 'Hello, Namaskar, Kem Cho, Assalam Alaykum, Sat Sri Akal and Namaskaram'.

High Jump

Children enhancing their body control and eye-leg coordination by doing High Jump.

Talent Show

The children have shown different talent on stage featuring music, dance, poetry etc...

What's your address

Educator explained to the children about importance of address. She made envelope of different numbers and the same number she sticked on the chairs. She told children that they have to play a role of Postman. As per the instructions the chairs are the houses and children have to post the envelope to the respective house.

Green Day

Children of Sr Kg class celebrated Green Day in school. They wore green dress on that day. They did various activities like colouring in Frog, Vegetables, Fruits etc. With the help of celebration of green day children understood the importance of green colour.

Red Day

Children of Sr Kg class celebrated Red Day in school. They wore red dress on that day. They did various activities like card making, collage work on flower, making of post box etc. This activity was conducted to make aware about different colours.

Blue Day

Children of Sr Kg class celebrated Blue Day in school. They wore blue colour dress on that day. Using their palm, they made a peacock. This activity was conducted to make aware about different colours.

Salad Making

Children's Day Celebration

Children played Musical Chair during Children's Day Celebration.

Traffic Rules

Students took a round in school campus to learn various Traffic Rules displayed in school campus.

Best out of Waste

Children made things from waste materials.

Fashion Show

Students of KG participated in a fashion show. It was a colourful event as students came dressed in party outfits. They walked on the stage as the fashion models walk on a ramp. Few enacted like true celebrities. It was a visual treat for the students as well as for the teachers. By doing so the teachers tried to remove the stage fear within every student and to develop self-confidence and plus to develop the dressing sense.

Yellow Day

Children of KG have celebrated yellow day by wearing yellow color dress and doing art work with yellow color.

Unity in Diversity

Students of KG came dressed up in different traditional wear. Students learnt about different traditions, culture and cuisines of our country India. Though there are many traditions and culture followed in India, we are still 'ONE' we are INDIANS. There was a feeling of patriotism and love for all traditions. A Gujarati kid wore punjabi dress and a Maharashtrian dressed up as Mr. Iyer, North South Ea and West all came from different corners of India but as ONE INDIAN.