Fancy Dress Competitioins

Fancy dress competition is the most awaited event for the Kindergarten family at CCIS. The children follow special theme costumes or dress up as well known characters. We at CCIS, recognize that Fancy Dress competitions give the students a sense of leadership, build confidence and expose them to the roles people play in society. It also gives the teachers an insight into the individual interests of each student. Parents’ engagement is also one of the most encouraging aspects of this activity. This year our Sr. Kg students were dressed up as animals, birds, cartoon character, leaders, superheroes and community helpers. The students were excited to dress up as larger than life characters, superheroes being a hit with Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Children dressed up as famous personalities like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Chacha Nehru acted like our own future leaders.

Diwali Card Making

Children of KG class designed Diwali card using various colours and art material for decoration. Along with these teachers taught them the importance of Light in Diwali.