Following the approach of Green and eco friendly school CCIS recognizes the immense value of the contribution that Schools and Schoolchildren can make to help curb wasteful usage of power. As the demand for power in the city is steadily increasing and energy resources are being rapidly depleted, it is vital to involve our youth, as decision-makers of tomorrow, in an initiative to avert a crippling power crisis. Ms. Neeta from Tata Power conducted workshop with CCIS Students on conservation of electricity, she provided the ground for children to share and expand their understanding, and bring about a chain-reaction that can significantly reduce wastage of energy in the city.

The very thought of appearing in exam creates a lot of tension in a student’s mind. It is seen that in spite of getting exposure to same learning environment, certain students fare better than the others. Some are able to score above 90% but some struggle to reach 60% marks in the important examinations. Mr. Mayank Trivedi explained to the students that it is possible for the students to increase their own scoring capacity by taking charge of their own life. He elaborated the various steps of sharpening memory. Through the practice of four steps, namely, Identification, Memory Trace, Storage and Recall, it is possible to unleash the huge potentials of human brain.

Sir what should I do if there's no helmet to fit the size of my head? A genuine question innocently asked by a student of CCIS to Mr. Amit Khatri during a Traffic safety presentation conducted by himat CCIS. This question may sound silly but its importance can be gauged by the fact that it had already been raised at the national level as a genuine concern regarding the non availability of small helmets. Mr. Khatri's passion and knowledge for road safety cannot be understated. He connected beautifully with students of CCIS and empowered them with knowledge and sensitivity towards traffic rules and safety. Although we are all aware about the guidelines which have been laid out regarding Road and Traffic Safety rules, we often disregard them. We constantly hear about accidents taking place because people have not followed these simple rules yet we all live in our own secure little bubbles thinking this cannot happen to me. These imaginary feel good bubbles can burst with disastrous consequences in the matter of a fraction of a second. People not following these rules are not only endangering themselves but are also a danger to others. It is imperative that an attitudinal change is brought about in people towards implementing and following these rules. What better place to start then school from where these young minds are forming their thinking patterns and learning. Cosmos Castle International School has taken a pioneering step in this direction. The school has created a Traffic Zone in the school campus complete with Zebra Crossing and other Traffic signs. In order to make the students aware about the importance of following the road and safety rules the school has also made it a part of their curriculum.