House and Club Culture

By setting up a House System, we encourage strong team loyalty and a sense of friendly & healthy competition amongst the school peers.

The House system is the key to the ethos and culture at CCIS and provides each member of our community with a sense of belonging. Each student is allocated to one of the four houses- Marut, Hutashan, Vasundhara and Nilambar and is supported by a well-balanced programme of competitions and activities led by our House Heads.

The House Competition promotes a keen but healthy rivalry between House teams. Points accumulated from various sports, cultural & academic competitions that are held throughout the year for winning the Best House Trophy.

There are various clubs like Literary Club, Drama Club, Dance & Music Club, Art Club, Eco Club, Social Service Club, Sports Club etc. which students join and work as a team. These clubs give them a sense of direction and focus to work.

Global Exposure

Welcoming new ideas and fresh perspective, the school hosts international teachers / interns and encourages international students exchange programmes where they put forward their ideas in constructive ways and to interact with students from other international schools through projects and collaboration.

The school has proved, over these years that motivation through academics and extracurricular activities creates confident, compassionate and intelligent global citizens of tomorrow. CCIS never stands still. It melds the best of the past with the challenges of the present.

Activity Based Development

Cultural activities and games are an essential part of the curriculum. Inter-House and Inter-School cultural activities such as Debates, Dramatics, Elocution and Team Games like, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Karate, Skating, Hockey etc. Yoga, Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Personality Development with Moral Value Education, Variety of Handicraft and Self Development Workshops, promote a sense of loyalty and healthy competition.

The purpose is to cultivate a child’s confidence, creativity, self-esteem, ambition, knowledge, physical endurance and sense of self achievement. In effect making a child far better equipped to face the world and its challenges by developing his personality in its totality.


  • CCIS is preparing students to become leaders in shaping a better, more sustainable future, and we recognise that skills in both leadership and teamwork are vital. From the youngest child on campus to the oldest, each student has age-appropriate opportunities to explore and develop these skills through all aspects of the learning programme.
  • From Prefects, Club Captains, House Captains to Student Councils, Head Boy and Head Girl, students are elected by their peers to provide leadership and guidance in the school community. Ambassadors work with the counsellors to help ensure that other students transition well both in and out of school and are happy during their time there.
  • Activities such as Model United Nations, International interaction and exchanges give students the opportunity to put forward their ideas in constructive ways and to interact with students from other international schools. All these activities, and more, ensure that CCIS students get plenty of experience in leadership.

Parents Update and Open door policy

  • CCIS believes that education does not flow one way. Platforms are created to share ideas, suggestions, views, etc. with each other.
  • An online platform is created for connecting our parents virtually. The App is compatible with smartphones as well as local computers.
  • Daily updates on the academic coverage are sent to parents through this app.  Regular updates are also sent to parents on their wards appreciations and misdemeanours.