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August 4, 2016

Teaching Techniques at CCIS

In the changing world, where education is evolving every moment and so is learning, it is time to place the 1“Child is the Curriculum”2 in a fresh perspective. Every learner is unique and has his/her own way of acquiring knowledge, attitude, values and skills. Experiential learning, with real life associations and scope to generalize learning, to be able to solve problems, make decisions, forge constructive and meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, etc. are some of the skills that learners need to acquire, to be successful in life.

Education is not about making them literate, restricting them to writing and reading; it's about • expanding their mental horizons • broadening their thinking • enriching their experiences • empowering them with knowledge and skills • inculcating values • developing their personal social skills • making them self reliant and regulated • imparting awareness about health and safety • building a sense of physical wellness • igniting their scientific enquiry skills • creating a need for citizenship • making them technologically savvy • strengthening their mathematical acumen • having them as the prospective leaders of tomorrow Our integrated curriculum is a thematic learning programme that builds on the learner's existing knowledge through establishing a correlation with different domains of learning. It transports the learner to a higher level of thinking and provides him/her with a plethora of opportunities in which to be meaningfully engaged, in keeping with his/her interests and intelligences. This gives the learners multiple ways of expressing themselves. Our Curriculum is aligned with the national curriculum framework. It is completely goal oriented with clearly defined objectives in all the learning domains. At CCIS We Have • Customized textbooks, workbooks, e books & talking books • Curriculum synchronized with digital learning • Lively physical classroom environment with wall displays • Planned educator manuals with activities based on best pedagogical practices as no one theory is applicable for all These are: ü Learner Centered Desi ü 21 Century Skills ü Multiple Intelligences ü Regio Emilia ü Maria Montessori ü Systems Thinking ü Jean Piaget - Stage The Cognitive Development ü Erikson Theory of Psychosocial Developme ü Lev Vygotsky’s - ZPD ü Bloom’s Taxonomy ü Constructivism

ü Emotional Intelligence

ü Discovery Learning ü Digital Citizenship and many more
  • Well defined weekly schedule plans
  • Well structured lesson plans for diversified learners
  • Incorporated educator training & orientation capsules throughout the year to empower the educators for effective transaction
  • A structured formative assessment & evaluation system that ensures learning of all the learners
  • Effective Home School Connection
  • Established labs in multiple subject areas to provide hands on learning
  • Well integrated education system with STEM Education, language labs, sensory motor labs etc.
  •  Best mechanisms for quality control and close supervision
  • Updates for the parents and educators through web support on parenting guidelines and latest developments in education

Our curriculum is designed

for inclusive classrooms for learners of

different learning abilities