School Infrastructure


The school structure is made child friendly consciously, imbibing the essentials for grooming the child mentally and physically with a scientific approach. The school nestles amidst a beautiful lush green environment, maintaining a school structure of Ground +1. This is not only aiming at safety of the child, but also developing the school structure which is designed as per Vastu Shastra norms.


Keeping in mind the importance of correct environment and temperature for the child’s concentration level, besides the consciously made school surroundings, all classrooms are completely air conditioned.

Eco Friendly Campus

  • The school is moving towards an eco-friendly campus with renewable energy through solar panels for developing sustainable energy.
  • Initiative towards zero waste campus through composting and recycling of waste material.
  • Water conservation through drip irrigation and water recycling. Waste RO water is collected and used for mopping purposes.
  • The school structure is based on Vastu Shastra norms, which is a scientific approach for the development of a child, in line with getting positive energy from sun (natural light).
  • A modern inbuilt water filtration plant to ensure 100% safe drinking water.

Smart Digital Classroom

  • Modern educational trends are rapidly moving away from the traditional “chalk and talk” methods to more interactive, progressive education. No longer are learners expected to sit passively and absorb information while the teacher drones in front of the students in the classroom. Instead they are encouraged to discover things on their own. The premise is that we learn better from personal discovery than from passive listening.
  • The classroom sizes are made for perfect distribution of teacher’s attention which is supported by up- to - date modern amenities and teaching technologies. All classrooms are digitally equipped with Smart boards.
  • In these digital classrooms using the interactive Smart board technology, learning comes alive. Through this medium, abstract subjects also become real and interesting.
  • Through this technology learning becomes fun and builds curiosity towards the subject in the young minds.

Security and Health Care

  • CCTV/Surveillance cameras installed in all classrooms & campus to ensure safety and security of the children.
  • Clean and sanitized toilets, separate for boys and girls.
  • Pick up and drop transport facilities from door to door are available.

Turf Court

  • At CCIS we recognize the interdependence of mind and body. Through physical activities we help to not only strengthen the body, but also teach healthy competitiveness, tolerance and care of the body.
  • The school has set up a State of the Art Artificial Turf Court where students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of athletic and cultural activities. Through trained activities like Karate, Football, Volley ball, Basketball, Skating, Physical Education, Yoga we imbibe a culture of sports and exercise among the children who guided by well-trained and certified instructors.
  • Our students have shown their mettle in several inter-school, state and national level competitions and have won laurels. They have excelled in fields of dance, music, art & craft, sports, elocutions, theatre, and much more.

Canteen Facility

  • Optional canteen facility is provided where all food items are based on whole wheat.
  • Students are neither allowed to bring junk food nor are they served one.

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